The perfect bean is a combination of both art and science – recognising a superior product from the point it’s hand picked to the myriad of scientific processes that determine its final flavour. It’s a delicate balance of hand, head (and heart).

Shae Macnamara
Head Barista

Started as a passion project by 2 expat Aussie lads, Expat. Roasters is a specialty coffee producer driven by a desire to produce an exceptional, unpretentious brew, from the ground up.

Expat. works closely and respectfully with local Balinese farmers and producers to source the finest local product to compliment their nomadic collection of beans from around the globe.

Led by their award-winning* head barista Shae Macnamara, Expat. are working hard to foster the burgeoning coffee and barista community of Bali. Introducing the culture of making a good brew across the island, one cup at a time.

* Australian Champion, 1st place, Coffee in Good Spirits. 2016 World Champion, 4th place Coffee in Good Spirits. 2016 ASCA Accredited Judge, Sensory and Technical.